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In many states, criminal charges are divided into two classifications–felony or misdemeanor, with felony offenses being the more serious of the two. In New Jersey, our criminal justice system has a similar classification system for crimes, which are charged as either indictable offenses or disorderly persons offenses. Similar to felonies, indictable offenses are the more serious criminal charges with more severe potential penalties.

If you have been charged with any type of indictable offense in NJ, your very first call should be to seek help from a reliable and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Kurt Resch has been defending against serious criminal charges for 35 years and has a thorough understanding of how the criminal justice system works in Bergen County, Hudson County, Passaic County, and surrounding areas in New Jersey. Anyone facing serious charges should not hesitate to call our office for help as soon as possible.

NJ Indictable Offense Attorney

What is an Indictable Offense?

Indictable crimes include a wide variety of violations of NJ criminal laws. These offenses are further divided into different “degrees” of indictable offenses. The following are the possible degrees of charges and some examples of crimes that may be included in those degrees:

  • Fourth degree — Theft crimes involving $200 to $500 in property, stalking, and forgery.
  • Third degree — Possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), unlawful handgun possession, theft involving more than $500, and aggravated assault.
  • Second degree — Burglary, kidnapping, distribution of a CDS, white collar crimes, theft over $75,000, and manslaughter.
  • First degree — Murder, aggravated manslaughter, armed robbery, and other serious violent offenses.

Many crimes can be charged as varying degrees depending on certain circumstances involved in the allegations. For example, if you are charged with distribution or sales of marijuana, the degree of the charge will depend on how much marijuana was in question. If you were allegedly involved in distributing less than an ounce of marijuana, you will likely face fourth degree charges. However, if you are accused of distributing more than 25 pounds, it can result in a first degree offense. The penalties you may face will depend on the degree of indictable offense of which you are accused.

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Indictable Offense Penalties

The possible penalties for convictions of indictable offenses are closely tied to the degree of the offense charged. Some potential penalties are as follows:

Degree Maximum Fine Prison Sentence
Fourth $10,000 18 months
Third $15,000 Three to five years
Second $150,000 Five to 10 years
First $200,000 10 to 20 years or more, up to a life sentence for certain offenses.
What is an Indictable Offense?

As you can see, the penalties for even a fourth degree indictable offense can have a serious effect on your life. Even if you get probation instead of jail time, you still may owe thousands of dollars in fines to the court. Probation can also be challenging as it can come with many strict conditions and costly fees.

In addition to the serious penalties that can be imposed by the court, a conviction for an indictable offense can affect your life in many ways, sometimes long after a prison term has ended. Many employers may not hire you and many landlords may not allow to you rent housing because of your criminal record. Certain convictions may prevent you from attending higher education programs or from obtaining professional licenses.

Because of the severe and often long-lasting consequences of a conviction, it is critical for anyone facing charges of an indictable offense to contact a skilled defense attorney for help. Attorney Kurt Resch knows how to build an effective defense by assisting you with the following and more:

  • Investigating the specific circumstances of your arrest and allegations
  • Determining which legal defenses may apply in your case
  • Identifying whether your constitutional rights were violated
  • Challenging the evidence the prosecutor has against you
  • Negotiating a favorable plea deal with the prosecutor
  • Defending against wrongful charges at trial
Indictable Offense Penalties

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Discuss your case with a New Jersey defense attorney today. You do not want an inexperienced attorney handling your case that involves an indictable offense as you may risk facing consequences that are more serious than necessary. A highly experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how to limit or even eliminate the penalties in your case in many ways. At the Law Offices of Kurt M. Resch, P.C., we have spent decades helping people throughout New Jersey avoid unnecessary criminal penalties. We can also determine if it is possible to expunge any convictions for indictable crimes that are on your criminal record. Please call our office at 201-488-5454 to find out how we can help you today.