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Most people think of fire when they think of burn injuries, however, burns can take many different forms. The following are some of the different types of burns that may occur and result in serious losses:

  • Thermal burns from fire, flame, or contact with another external heat source, such as a hot stove
  • Scalds from contact to the skin with boiling liquids or hot steam
  • Chemical burns from contact with toxic substances
  • Electrical burns from lightning or high electric voltage
  • Friction burns such as road rash

In addition to the different types of burns, there are also varying degrees of burn injuries assessed by medical professionals. The classifications of burn injuries are as follows:

  • First degree — Relatively superficial injuries affecting the top layer of the skin, often causing redness without many other symptoms.
  • Second degree — Burns that damage multiple layers of the skin, often resulting in redness, blisters, and can be painful and swollen.
  • Third degree — These burns affect all layers of the skin, causing thickening of the tissue and often leaving leathery and white scarring.
  • Fourth degree — These are the most severe burns, as they damage all layers of the skin and extends to other tissue including bone, muscle, or tendons.

Less severe burn injuries can often be treated at home and require little medical attention. As you can imagine, more serious burns can require extensive and long-term medical care. However, even seemingly minor burns may come with the risk of infection or other complications, so it may be wise to have a doctor examine even minor burns.

NJ Burn Injury Attorney

Common Causes of Burns

Burns can happen in many ways, many of which involve the negligence of another person or party. When a burn is caused by negligence, victims have the legal right to hold the negligent party liable for their losses. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help to determine whether negligence was involved in causing your burn injury.

Some of the common causes of burns that may lead to a personal injury case can include:

  • Vehicle fires resulting from auto accidents
  • Electrocutions on construction sites or in homes
  • Explosions or fires in the workplace due to safety hazards
  • Accidents involving propane tanks or pipelines
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals in your neighborhood, place of work, or another business
  • Fires caused by faulty wiring or defective fireplaces
  • Scalds from excessively hot liquids such as coffee or soup

These are only some of the many ways that people can sustain very serious burn injuries that may give them important rights to financial recovery.

Common Causes of Burns

Helping Burn Victims Recover

Burn injuries can lead to extensive losses for victims. First, serious burns can require emergency trauma care and victims are often hospitalized. Victims may spend an extended time in the hospital or in a dedicated burn center. Many burn patients require surgeries, skin grafts, and other painful and costly procedures to try to repair damaged areas of the body. In some extreme cases, burn patients may lose extremities that have been too severely burned to save.

Even after undergoing many procedures, burn patients must often be monitored closely as burns can result in many complications. Complications can include hypothermia and a wide variety of serious infections. Even after a burn victim is discharged, they will likely have to undergo extensive physical and rehabilitative therapy.

In addition to the severe physical injuries that burn victims may sustain, they can also suffer from extremely serious psychological injuries, as well. Post-traumatic stress disorder can result from the fire, electrocution, or another burn incident while a victim may experience anxiety and depression due to serious scarring, pain, or disfigurement.

Needless to say, the many types of treatment a burn may require can cost an excessive amount of money. Additionally, burn victims must often miss a significant amount of work if they are ever able to return to work at all. An experienced burn injury lawyer can help you recover for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and much more.

Helping Burn Victims Recover

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