Juvenile Defense: What it’s like on the Inside

Juvenile Defense: What it’s like on the Inside

Juveniles can face many different consequences if they are accused of a criminal offense. One consequence, if they are adjudicated guilty, can be time spent in a New Jersey juvenile detention facility. In addition, some juveniles who have been arrested may be held in a detention facility while they wait for their case to be resolved. In either situation, be detained as a juvenile can have an extreme affect on your child’s life. If your child has been accused of any type of offense, you should never delay in contacting a New Jersey juvenile attorney for assistance.

What Happens in a Detention Center?

When a child is taken into police custody, they can be taken to the nearest detention center in that jurisdiction. Just like an adult jail, there is an intake process for juveniles that can include the following:

  • Removal of personal possessions
  • Metal detector and pat-down
  • Orders to shower with provided soap and other products
  • Being issued standardized clothes to put on
  • Giving personal information and answering questions
  • Being taken to a cell with a bed and a toilet
  • If the youth is determined to be a risk of harm to themselves or others, they may be held in a padded cell with minimal items until they are deemed safe

Once the intake is complete, the juvenile will have to follow the mandated schedule of their particular facility. This generally includes scheduled mealtimes, classes, bathroom breaks, and free time. Depending on their risk classification, free time may be in a gym or outdoors or may be confined to their cell. In many cases, only parents and legal guardians are allowed to visit the juvenile. All movement through the facility will be done through secured doors and hallways with almost constant supervision.

Being detained in a juvenile detention center can be traumatizing for any young person. If your child has been detained, you need a juvenile defense lawyer handling your case as soon as possible to see if they can have your child released into your supervision and custody instead of remaining in the facility. In addition, a lawyer can help to minimize the consequences of their offense, including preventing additional detention whenever possible.

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