Long-term Consequences for Juvenile Delinquency

Long-term Consequences for Juvenile Delinquency

If your child gets in trouble with law enforcement, you may expect police to simply turn them back over to you to handle the discipline. After all, you are the parents and how bad could a juvenile offense be? Too many parents do not take proceedings in juvenile court seriously enough because they believe they will ultimately have some control over what happens to their child. The unfortunate truth is that juvenile proceedings against your child can have consequences that reach far into your child’s future.

Juvenile Records

If your child is adjudicated delinquent, you may be assured that their record will be sealed or expunged and you therefore may think a juvenile record is not a big deal. What you may not realize is that juvenile records are only expunged under certain circumstances, including:

  • Five years have passed since your child was discharged from supervision or custody
  • They have had no juvenile, disorderly persons, or criminal convictions in that time
  • They have no pending cases
  • Their offense was not for a “serious offense”
  • They have never participated in a diversionary program due to an adult charge

Even if all of those requirements are ultimately satisfied, five years is a long time. In that time, your child may be denied admission to college due to their record or may not be hired for certain jobs. This can affect the rest of their future.

Juvenile records may be sealed after only two years or if your child joins the military. However, sealing is not the same as expunging. These records can still be accessed by certain parties, including law enforcement, and can haunt your child in the future.

Because the consequences of a juvenile offense can last for a long time, it is critical that your child’s rights are protected by a skilled juvenile defense lawyer you can advise you on the best course of action and ensure your child receives the most favorable result possible.

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The last thing you want is for a mistake to have long-term effects on your child’s life. In order to limit the consequences they face for a juvenile delinquency as much as possible, you should call a highly experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as you realize there may be a problem. The Law Offices of Kurt M. Resch is waiting to help you, so please contact our office to discuss your child’s situation today.